Sunday, December 6

Sunday, November 1

Saturday, October 24

Music agian,but bad

Ellie but she`s ruuuuuuude

Friday, October 16

Ellie Bouces

This is Ellie. She loves to jump but when it comes to high jumps,shes a little mess up.

Thursday, October 15

Look around!

See anything new? If you dont, songs,longer? Look around you! My blog is so difrent!

Around the house

Nothing much happins around this house. Ecsept when atticus brings something in from outside. Or when a friend come over. I hope something happin today. Any one now? Dont think you do.

Ellie plays

This is Ellie again with music!

Wednesday, October 14

Monday, October 12

My mom

My mom is the best just like dad! My dad! They both playwith me a lot! I like I love, how cares!

Sunday, October 11

How Cares if the pictures are old? Not you or me!


Come and see the funniest video ever made with dance! I made this video with Ellie, a girl from another video!

This is Violet,Mr.Atticus,and Thomas.

I love my blog!

Saturday, October 10

This is a video that me and my freinds, kalli and ellie made together. It is one we will mabby put on you tube!

Sunday, October 4

I used to not like the eyepatch at all. Now I love it! All my freinds do to!
Hazel wazel is what my mom used to call me.

Saturday, October 3

I cant forget my first time camping! Well, it wasnt camping relly... Only in my back yard.


Its almost the end of the year! What to do? Just send a coment on what for me to do this year. Here is your list: Play with freinds,Read,Watch T.V,Draw,Or play with legos.Just vote for it. Most votes and I will surprise you with something specle.

Friday, October 2

Need kid chanile ideas? Heres some! nick,nickjr,nick toons,cartoon network,boomerang.

I still remember this same day. I cant remember any thing else! I almost forgot my birsday is in anly 3 or 4 days! If you dont now, my birthday is october 5th. Monday october 5th, Its my faverat day of the year! And this is a storey i rote.

Once there was a prinsses hows house was next to a monster. the end

Short huh? Ilust wanted to make it quick, Im going to bed 9-11 oclockat night. Cant wait till my birth day!

Monday, March 16

My dad

once agein my dad left. check out my mom and dads blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this time my dad is gone for 5 more days!

Monday, March 9

we will take some pictures of a paper doll I made at school.we call her Flat Hazel. she is laminated. she has a little sister named Mini Hazel. She is not laminated. Thay both look like me.

Friday, March 6

WOW! What a grat day! So menny good moods!

Sunday, March 1

  1. Dad I miss you so much. Hope you come back! I'm making you'r poseter the best I can. When will you come back?
  2. I hope you come home!

Sunday, February 8

Today I had to give my hamster away. Her name is hamee. I loved hamee my hamster soooooooo much!!! I miss her.It was fun to have her with me.Bby!!!! Love,Hazel.

Sunday, January 25

Saturday, January 3

the morgan kids

we miss you dad!!!we miss you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!And my siprise is going to be grate!!!!!!!!!!!!